Overseal History Group

Overseal History Group was set up after several people on social media had suggested that a history group could be a positive thing for the village; as it has expanded, more of our history is disappearing under development, alongside new families moving in with no real knowledge of our shared history- but with a thirst to understand more.

The group posts old photographs, stories, memories & opinions online through the Facebook page, along with asking relevant and pertinent questions. More practically, so far we’ve had a history walk through the village and are planning in some field-walking training- and then practical surveys across the village and beyond to continue to broaden our knowledge of our own past.  The research is aimed at everyone- all can participate in a way that suits them, all of the village will benefit from the outcome in understanding where we’ve come from.  Volunteers will be needed to help with scanning and cataloging old photos and documents, researching through the internet and through records offices and other depositories, along with the more practical field walking and other planned activities.

If you are interested just get in touch or find out more by joining the Facebook group Overseal History Group.

Contact Information

Telephone Number:Mark Knight, 07790 342474